Wednesday, July 20, 2011

It's not what we do, it's whether we do it with integrity that matters

I've been a bit busy with my new job and it has been difficult finding the balance.  My poor blog has been seriously neglected of late.  One of my beautiful friends, Julia, really wanted to blog tonight, so, given that my blog is a bit lonely, I decided to offer her a home over here.

My friend Julia has a gift.  She is a special person.  This blog post is not only about her gift, but it is also about boundaries, permissions and integrity.  The essence of this post can be applied in many different circumstances and is a reminder that, no matter what we do, there are always boundaries and at the heart of everything we do, we must always respect other people, their values and their beliefs.

Please make Julia feel welcome over here and share the love.


So I don’t have the most normal job in the world. It comes with no rules, a lot of intuition, a sprinkling of science & conjecture and a wide variety of clients.

I’m clairvoyant and clairaudient. I’m psychic. Tarot reader. Whatever term feels comfortable to you.

One of the biggest misconceptions is that I’m always “on”. I love going to parties, feeling normal around my close friends and siblings. You want to talk about boys, the latest celebrity baby name (“Magic Eight”, we know its coming one day right!) or trivial matters?  I’m you’re girl. It makes me feel normal, grounded and not like a freak.

I don’t ‘read’ everybody automatically. I don’t read (and never will) for my parents or for my siblings BUT if I do pick up on something or have a message for them - they have all give me the ‘all clear’ to tell them anything I pick up on. I don’t like reading for my siblings but will if asked. The reason for this is a combination of clarity vs relationship. I don’t ever want the information compromised by what I ‘hope’ for them, instead of what’s really coming. Same goes for anyone I’ve had sex with . But that’s a whole other blog post.

When a client comes to me for a reading, it is implied that they have given me permission to enter their energy/ space/ aura, whatever you want to call it.  But sometimes I ‘read’ or see information from strangers and quite often I don’t let them know. Permission is important.  Sometimes I can dive in without asking and there is no spiritual integrity in that. In my 20’s I ‘might’ have been able to have been forgiven, but I know enough to know that I should ask.  For the sake of the person whose energy I’ve entered and as a sign of respect.

Soooooo... out of the blue yesterday a name enters my mind, the name of a girl I knew when I lived in London 15-16 years ago. We were very close. We were soul sisters. Sunday nights, we literally did each others hair. I followed my intuition, did a Facebook search (of course) and saw only one name with the cartoon picture of a girl laying on a nutella jar ... I knew it was my friend instantly. I shall re-name her Bianca. Bianca is beautiful, French and when we were flatmates she had the same breakfast every morning - a croissant with nutella.

I sent a friend request on FB to which she accepted instantly, coupled with very excited messages for my phone number and that feeling of sisterhood and friendship was back immediately. Bianca called me within 2.48 minutes of getting my FB request and phone number. It was one of those beautiful phone calls of reconnection, no time and space had passed.

Within minutes of our animated phone call I recounted to Bianca (without her telling me) that she was still single, I told her not to be worried that she’d be married within the next two years and ... an interruption ... Bianca’s calm fantastic french accent “yees yees Jewlia you are right I forgot this about you, oh my goodness but Jewlia you cannot say eennny more, you have forgotten I’m Muslim”. Actually when I think of Bianca I can list 10 things about her and her faith is probably not one of them. Bianca told me that she was grateful for the information but that I was breaking a law of the Muslim faith and could not go on ‘with what I was doing’.

 I felt terrible, waited for a bolt of lightening (which thankfully never came) and carried on our fantastic conversation.

As bad as I felt ... that conversation was a fantastic reminder of Spiritual Integrity. That essential piece to what I do, to ask permission ... but most of all to ask questions, be a friend and to keep healthy boundaries between my ‘work and gift’ and the real world.

So what are you thoughts? Do you want to know what someone intuition is picking up?  Do you have a spiritual life and a religious life that are different? Do you like to know things in advance or wait for life and fate to be what it will be?

Love & light


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fifi_labelle1 said...

My first tweet this morning was you checking in on me to see if the Violet Crumble had made me feel better.....thanks so much Julia for caring about me....xxxx

Gemma @ My Big Nutshell said...

Wow! Found this via a retweet from Veggie Mama! That was such an interesting read. Thank you! Wow! I have friends that have sought readings and I have always been intrigued but pathetic in my own pursuit. My grandmother once told me that Catholics shouldn't seek a reading and leave it up to God to guide. That has stuck with me (oh young impressionable child) but sometimes I think it would be a fun and interesting thing to do. At the moment I feel I need to find a path and I can't, but I'm trying. Oh it is tempting to get a reading! If somehow a situation came up and it happened I think I might just be brave enough to 'give permission'.

ohhh I am a bit excited. Thanks Annieb25 for sharing your friend Julia.

Maria Tedeschi (Mum's Word) said...

What a great post. Really enjoyed reading this.

I come from a Greek background where they read coffee cups, hands, and believe in the evil eye.

It's nice when someone can 'sense' good things that are going to happen to me. Even if it is as vague a description as 'you'll be successful'. It's a nice affirmation.

Personally, I love the idea of having a reading, but I'm too scared.

But if I ever change my mind, I'll know where to come.

Twitchy said...

I'm open to it and do have readings every few years. I've had all ranges of feelings. I like it when I feel the path is open and filled with endless potential, even a hint of where to look.

Last year my husband unusually had a reading, came back and told me the Clairvoyant had had a start in her seat when the card regarding one of our children was turned over. She told my husband that this child and [your wife] I would have a significant falling out in the future. Whether I choose to believe it or not, that news has been hard to ignore and has upset me for some time :(

Julia said...

Twitchy everyone has the right of 'free will'. And you are on the right track as to whether or not you 'choose to believe'. That comment may have pushed buttons within you and your husband so much that you will both work harder so you don't have a significant falling out.

Even I have had readings before where I hear something that I don't want to happen - and I have that right. Everyone does. Free will, the ability to change something you don't want/ need.

And yes..... I can't read for myself although I do feel things coming or someone calling but just like my clients, when at a cross road.... I do have someone who can read for me. It comes down to that concept earlier - am I seeing what I want to OR is it my wishful thinking :)

Nat said...

What a great post Julia! I'm psychic myself and so quite often (more often than not actually) I have at least a basic idea of what's coming (especially in certain cirumstances) but I rarely share it with family or friends...they prefer to leave it to "fate" and let whatever's gunna happen just happen!

But I like; no, I love my gift!! It's given me opportunities I would have never had otherwise. When my Grandad was dying, I got the impression I needed to be at the hospital right away (this was at 2am) and so I went and sat...he died at 4.20am that same morning! Without my gift I would have been sleeping and not got the chance to visit at the end!

Again, beautiful post Julia...and Annie, thanks for having this guest post!! :) xx

Julia said...

I agree Nat I love my gift. Nurture it and embrace it. That's a great example of knowing what's coming and fantastic you were with your grandad. Did you feel he just needed someone there? or were you able to just sit and 'hold the space' for him? Nice to have another intuitive on here :)

Nat said...

That night we lost my Grandfather (this was Jan 2009), I felt I had to be there...the feeling actually woke me from a deep sleep!
It was like he wanted someone there with him. When I got to his bedside I talked to him for a little while (although he was unconscious) but it felt like I just needed to be there, he didn't want me there to talk - he just wanted me there. So I just sat with him and connected with the love he and I shared and just stayed in that moment.

I called my dad a bit later (this was about 3.15am) and told them to come in, so he and my Grandma arrived after that and we stayed until he passed.

Sass said...

Two favourite people on one blog makes me so happy!

beautiful post lovely.


So Now What? said...

I must admit when I meet you in real life I get nervous that you'll be reading me. I don't mind if a random person knows stuff I'm not proud of, but someone I consider a friend scares me!! You are so bloody gorgeous and smart Julia, wonderful post. xx

Julia said...

Bern people generally fall into two camps - tell me, tell me, tell me OR keep away, keep away. When I lived in the US I really hid this intuitive/ psychic part of me, I wanted to just fit in - have friends, have a 'straight' job. And I had both but ultimately I wanted to 'come out of the closet' and live authentically. To be able to meet people and have them be friends AND have them know what I do is a real gift.

If someone asks me for a reading, I will. And I love giving a reading to someone. I have to say I love reading for complete strangers because its easier. When I'm on radio doing readings, even though they are not there and I don't know them - it feels pure/ unfettered.

Do I sound esoteric enough yet LOL :)

And honestly Bern..... when I'm around friends, I'm just like everyone else.... I hope you like me.

River said...

I used to want to know what was coming, so I could be prepared. But years have passed and things have changed, now I'd rather just go with the flow and make the best of it.

Julia said...

River that's a really beautiful way to live. I like it x
A reading isn't always about the future though. There's counselling involved, helping someone realise why they're here, life purpose etc. I can be directed to areas of work, money, relationship, health... sometime sex life or lack thereof. Lots of things come up during a reading and I never what's coming :))

Thanks for your comment - a good reminder to us all to "go with the flow".

Julia said...

I never KNOW what's coming :))))

Nat said...

Julia...when you said that you kept the intuitive side of you hidden away while in the US...How'd you eventually "come out"? For me, I have to really keep a tight control of what I say/do/feel/act around certain people. My dad's family are amazing, I am myself fully; my psychic abilities are welcome whenever and they love it's a part of me. But, my mum's family are totally different. My mum's parents found out by accident and absolutely hate it! None of the other people on mum's side know (as yet) but I want them to know because it will be easier for me to be around them because I'll be able to fully be myself without having to keep "turned off" and worrying if they're gunna see me in public when I happen to be discussing intuition (or something of the like) with a friend (nearly happened a few times)...but knowing how to tell them and how much to tell them is really difficult especially since I know they won't approve!
Oh, avoiding them fully isn't an option as yet...still living at home makes that too difficult!

Julia said...

Nat in my 20's I was very proud of my gift, didn't care who knew. I will confess that when I was 23/24 I actually got two chairs and a card table and set up at Carindale Shopping Center and put a sign up and was BUSY all day. Made a lot of money that day too...... but I just didn't care. Then something happened just after my saturn return around 29. Met a guy, got married and he was not into anything spiritual at all........ and I just turned off. Became unconscious for all intent and purposes. Had a job that was very ego driven - I'm proud of the work I did but ........ I lost myself.

A part of me was missing.

I was very clear what I wanted to do upon coming home to Australia. I have in so many ways come home to who I really am.

I'm on radio 4BC in Brisbane so anyone can hear what I'm doing/ who I am. My parents however are not so pleased. I recently went to my brothers wedding in Poland - there were lots of friends of my parents there; friends they've known for..... 40+ years........ one of them asked what law firm I worked for now.... something I did 16 years AGO! So, yeah, what can you do.

Nat said...

That's cool you set a table up at the mall!!!

I'm in my early 20's now (will be 21 in december) and generally speaking I don't really care who knows; I mean, afterall, it is a part of who I am! But it's the ones who are constantly trying to shoot down every aspect of anything even remotely spiritual, they've made me think "Maybe I should monitor who knows more closely". So now, even though I'm proud of my gift and adore it, I don't tell people until I know (or at least think) they won't totally flip out!

Most my mothers side aren't impressed at all and tell me to "forget it and become a normal uni student" (I am currently doing my business degree)...Even though for the moment I'm happy with my studies and looking for a business role, there's not a chance I'm gunna forget the intuitive part of me!!!

I must tune into Brisbane's 4BC one of these days for a listen!! When are you on??

bronnie said...

Great post. I have interviewed many psychics and even become friends with one. I think I'd like to know, or at least have an idea, especially if it's something I can do something about. There's a lot of uncertainty in my life at the moment and I definitely want to know I'm on the track ... perhaps I should book a reading!

Sarah said...

Julia this is a great post, quite honest! I am still somewhat closeted with many people I know, I share with those who are interested and open & tread more carefully around those who just don't want to hear it. I know that one day that will change & I'll be out and proud 100%. I too struggle with what's ethical when it comes to passing on impressions and messages & whether or not to pretend it's more intellectual. Thanks for shining some light on the topic :-)

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