Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Some days are diamonds ... some days, well they just suck, or do they?

You know how it is.  The day begins with much promise.  The sun is up, there is a new Autumn freshness in the air, the day is all mapped out.  Perfect.

Then ... I sit at the computer ready to fill the day with writing and achieving goals and the computer doesn't want to play.  And just like that ... everything changes.    Insert *dark mood* here.

Today was meant to be a writing day but with all the frustration caused by technology my head is not in the right space to write now.  Or so I think.   Do I use this as an excuse?   A reason to put off writing?    I love writing, yet I'll find any excuse to not start.    Today I'm blaming technology and my subsequent bad mood.   Oh woe is me.  My life sucks.

Then, I think about my friend Suzy.   She is the same age as me.  She has 2 sons, the same age as my sons.  She has a husband, a home and a life.  She is rather beautiful, inside and out.   She is also very sick.   You see Suzy has cancer.  Secondary cancer.   Suzy doesn't know how long she has left to be a part of this world.   Some days she can barely leave the couch.  Her vision is going and her strength is sometimes non existent.     She has just been advised she can take a month's break from the tortuous chemo that is ravaging her body, alongside the cancer.   This was her Facebook status update yesterday:

"Came off chemo for one month starting today, now this is where live in the moment comes into practice!"

Two weeks ago Suzy went to Sydney with friends for a weekend in the city.  A few weeks before that, she and her family jumped in a camper van and headed off down the NSW coast for a holiday.   Prior to that she went to New Zealand with her husband.    And that's just in the past few months.   In the last couple of years, between chemo stints, Suzy has been to the UK and Europe and she has spent a few months living in Bali.

Yes she gets sad.  Yes she gets angry and yes she wishes she didn't have cancer.  Who wouldn't?   But despite feeling like crap for a huge proportion of the last five years, she gets off her backside and does stuff.   For two years running she organised the Suzy Connor Challenge and raised a lot of money for the Kim Walters Choices Program and the Make a Wish Foundation.   She has always ridden her bike until it was physically impossible.  Suzy is inspirational and so very brave.   You can read some of Suzy's journey on her  Suzy in Bali blog here.

On days like today when I am feeling sorry for myself because my computer is playing up or I'm not sure when I'm going to get some work or the house is a mess, I have to make myself stop and really put things into perspective.  These things are nothing.  I am healthy, I am strong and I have to be so grateful for this.  There is so much I can still achieve and in honour of brave, beautiful people like Suzy I must not let opportunities pass me by, untouched and ignored.    Consequently Suzy would not want you all to feel sorry for her and bemoan how life isn't fair.  So if you are having a crapola day today, think of Suzy, or someone you might know who doesn't have the luxury of many years ahead of them, and do something that counts.  Do it for you, your family and Suzy.   Just do it.

An old aunt of Mike's always says to me "Be grateful for good health.  It is everything."    Aunty Tina is right.    Good health is everything.  Cancer is a bitch.



Julia said...

Beautiful Annie. Your tech excuse is mercury retrograde. I loved your posts reminder to live in the moment. Hard to get perspective when you're having a bad day. Gorgeous post.

Jane @ Shady Baker said...

Beautiful post...we can all take something from this.

Lisa said...

Oh. That stopped me in my tracks. Thanks for the reminder...

So Now What? said...

Oh Annie. Cancer does suck. And Suzy sounds amazing.

We all have times where we think things suck and we all need a bit of perspective. Our health is our greatest asset, thanks for reminding me.


macsnorky said...

Annie, you are so right. In my new job I am reminded of my own mortality every day, as we assist gorgeous women like Suzy. It's so easy to get wrapped up in our own lives, our own stresses, that we lose perspective. The small things are absolutely important to us in our own daily lives, but not compared to the big picture.

We all need a reminder occasionally to live for the moment, and hold our loved ones tight. The dishes can wait until tomorrow.

Benison said...

I recently read the brilliant writing book 'Bird by Bird' by Anne Lamont.

When the author's closest friend was dying of cancer a wise doctor said to her: "Watch your friend closely, Annie (yes, another Annie!). She's teaching you how to live."

I love that! Live life like you're not long for the world. (Who knows what's around the corner?) I don't remember it every day but I think I remember it more than most.

Very glad you decided to do some writing today. xx

Benison said...

Oh, and bravo Suzy!

Susan Whelan said...

A friend lost her brother last year to a sudden and completely unexpected heart attack. He was less than a year old than me. It was a timely reminder that we don't always have as much time as we might think and we should always try to live each moment as if it counts (because it does).

Thank you for sharing Suzy's story and for the reminder to keep things in perspective.

Love to you. xxx

•´.¸¸.•¨¯`♥.Trish.♥´¯¨•.¸¸.´• said...

Yes, how amazing is Suzy and her zest for living her life to the brim.
So very true how our small issues are really nothing.I needed to be reminded of this today.Oh woe was me.
Cancer is a bitch.My husband had it and we live with the fear of it returning.
Perspective is everything.

Maid In Australia said...

I know a few people with cancer, but in particular, my BFF and sister from another mother has it. Along with two boys and not much support from their Dads. It is a bastard. She is wonderful. She inspires me every day to live my life to the full. To spend money if I have it. To wear the 'good' clothes and lingerie, and use the best china. And to laugh at the funny stuff.

4 kids, 20 suitcases and a beagle said...

Well said Annie. Well said. xx

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