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Monday, August 11, 2014

Should a convicted pedophile be given a second chance?

Last night a commercial television station aired an "exclusive" interview with the parents involved in the surrogacy mess.  I didn't watch it and don't intend to go back and watch it.  I have no interest in what these people have to say and I have no interest in watching a convicted pedophile pose as a father.

Harsh words?


I don't care that it was many years ago.

I don't care that he's been through a prison reform program for pedophiles.

It means nothing to me. 

Whether he's reformed or not ... I believe he gave up his right to ever have children in his care the day he committed his first crime.   He didn't steal a car or defraud Centrelink - he sexually abused children.  Not a one off... but twenty two, that's 22 counts of child sexual abuse he was charged for. 

If I was convicted of fraud and money laundering, I'd never get a job in charge of a bank, regardless of how much I'd reformed. Or if I got the job, once found out I'm sure I'd be terminated.  If I had twenty two counts of fraud related activities I doubt I'd get a job anywhere once I'd gone through a police check.

Why is this man still allowed to be a father?  Why is his daughter still with him?  I don't know what is happening in Western Australia, but my hope is the authorities are keeping a close eye on the family and this innocent little girl will have protection.

I believe he said last night "my daughter is safe with me". Really? We are supposed to believe this?  Pedophiles are renowned for their ability to lie ... to their families, to the children they are grooming and to themselves, by somehow justifying in their own minds that being sexually attracted to children is normal and okay.

Why don't the laws prevent pedophiles from being able to have children?  Why aren't people convicted of these crimes chemically sterilised so they cannot have their own children?   When they leave prison they are under strict rules not to go near schools, playgrounds and other places where children frequent, yet they are still able to have children of their own.  Seems ludicrous.

If I killed someone with a gun and was convicted and jailed for it, I very much doubt I'd be allowed to get a gun licence when released from jail.

I don't know what the answer is and I know that it's not something that has a black and white solution.  I'd love there to be a law that ensures anyone convicted of pedophilia is never allowed to be a parent ... whether it is naturally, by adoption, surrogacy, IVF or fostering.

These people handed in their parent card the moment they sexually touched a child.  In fact they handed it in the moment they imagined sexually touching a child. 

End of story.


NOTE:  I never wanted this blog to have any one theme ... I want it to be a place I can express my views on things that inspire me to write.  Unfortunately the last few posts have been about child abuse and pedophiles ... and this post sadly continues with the same theme.

I say sadly because child abuse is a sad thing to talk about.  It is also sad that there is so much talk of it in the news.

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