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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

When Life Throws You a Curve Ball ...

That's just life!

Life is a bit tough at the moment.  I suspect it is like this for most people right now.    During tough times in the past I've pedalled like mad to get through the tough spots so I can relax back in the "happy" life that should be the norm.   Problem is I get there, and then as quickly as I grasp hold of it, it slips away again.

How often do you hear people say ... "If only I could pay my tax bill, I'd be happy then", "If only I could find a job doing something I like, I'd be happy then", If only we had a decent car, I'd be happy then".  We hear it all the time. In fact, I say things like that myself.   We are all waiting for that something to happen so we can live in happiness, just how life is meant to be.  Right?

Thursday, April 14, 2011

My Glass is Half Full

Today I received an email from someone who said I appear to be a "glass half full kind of person".  They are so right.  It reminded of a post I wrote for the lovely Sass over at Life of Bees and I thought I'd use it here today.  I've made a few changes to it so it reflects me right now. 

What makes me happy today?

My first thoughts are the usual suspects; my kids, my fianc矇, my dog, pretty flowers, chocolate and so on. 

As I sit here thinking about happiness and adding more things to my list, I realise those same things on my “happy list” can also make me sad, angry, frustrated and a myriad of other emotions.   As can so many other things in my life.  Twitter for example, makes me happy, but it can also make me sad, frustrated and sometimes angry.  You can apply the same to my kids, my fiance and even my dog!

The more I think about this I realise that “I” am solely responsible for my own happiness.   The people and things on my “happy” list can either enhance or take away my happiness, but alone they don’t define my happiness.    

I am basically a happy person.  I’m a glass half full kind of girl.  When things get me down I don’t stay there long.  Of course I like a good wallow and can do it like the best of them, but I find wallowing in the empty half of the glass so very draining.  For me, being unhappy, melancholy, angry or depressed takes a lot more energy than being upbeat. 

Life has thrown me plenty of curveballs, however it has also thrown me plenty of “amazeballs” (thanks Sarah P for this word) and will continue to do so.   I live by the premise that life is full of highs and lows and somewhere to rest in between.   

Life can’t be perfect and sparkly all the time, if it was we would take happiness for granted.  Remember the movie The Truman Show with Jim Carrey?  How boring was that perfect life – same thing day in and day out?  I love my life.  I love where it has taken me and where it is still taking me.  I am blessed to have so much and I am also blessed to have so little.  I have a balance.  I have enough good to make me realise how lucky I am and I have enough bad to keep me real.

Life is what makes me happy, and, the things below on my happy list add some additional “sparkly” to the life I love.

Photo by:  jamie84

My Happy List J

My two boys
My dog Sammy
My friends (IRL and Online)
My books
My laptop, iPad, Blackberry, the Internet, Twitter ... all things interwebz & techy
Smell of fresh cut grass
Smell of babies and puppies
The sound of children laughing
Warm sun on my skin on a cold day
The beach
Photo by:   aida_1982
What's on your happy list?


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