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Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Women in my Life Rock

Today is International Women's Day.   I am writing this letter to honour all the beautiful women in my life.

Dear Lovelies

Every single woman who has entered my life has made an impact on me in some way.  Without my women friends I'm sure I would never have made it through some of the tough times in my life.  Granted some women in our lives can cause us more grief than glad, but these are often fewer than the ones who make us soar.  Whilst their presence may be fraught with angst, they are usually there to teach us something.

I've been blessed to have some wonderful women pass through my life.  Some are still with me.  Some have passed on :( and others have simply passed through.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What do dandelions have to do with life you ask?

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People often ask me why my blog is called "Life and Dandelions" ... "it seems an odd comparison" they say. Not so.

Life and dandelions are much more similar than you think.
  • On the surface the dandelion plant is tough, rather ugly and filled with sticky sap that gets all over your hands when you try to rip them up.
  • Life can be tough, rather ugly and filled with stuff that sticks to you when you try to fight against the flow of where life is taking you.  Sometimes you just need to let things be.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

When Life Throws You a Curve Ball ...

That's just life!

Life is a bit tough at the moment.  I suspect it is like this for most people right now.    During tough times in the past I've pedalled like mad to get through the tough spots so I can relax back in the "happy" life that should be the norm.   Problem is I get there, and then as quickly as I grasp hold of it, it slips away again.

How often do you hear people say ... "If only I could pay my tax bill, I'd be happy then", "If only I could find a job doing something I like, I'd be happy then", If only we had a decent car, I'd be happy then".  We hear it all the time. In fact, I say things like that myself.   We are all waiting for that something to happen so we can live in happiness, just how life is meant to be.  Right?

Monday, July 11, 2011

Our Children Should Live Forever ...

When I was handed my first child I was scared.  He was so small, so innocent and so totally dependent on me.  From that moment my life changed.   Forever.  I can't say I felt a deep, intense love instantly.  I was afraid I didn't know how to look after him.  I was afraid I wasn't ready to be a parent.  I was afraid I might do it wrong.

Within hours, this small person I created, became a part of me.  He moved into a place in my heart and has lived there since ever since.  He has brought me joy.  He has caused me endless worry.  He has driven me crazy.  He also gave me something I never ever knew.  He gave me family.  My family.  Love.

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