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Saturday, June 4, 2011

What about the kids?

Last night there was a conversation on Twitter between some people I love and respect about how well boys versus girls cope when parents divorce.  This conversation started off the back of a tweet by @yvettevignando regarding this article .

I agreed with the article based on the fact that I believe most girls seem to have a better understanding of other people's emotions whereas boys can be a bit clueless.   Most boys don't seem to notice or sense things going on around them and an announcement of a separation can hit them like a tonne of bricks.  Girls tend to feel things going on in their environment, and whilst the actual act of the separation is no less traumatic for them, they may have had a sense of it coming, lessening the initial impact.   I am not a qualified pyschologist, however I have seen many of my friends and my children's friends go through separations and have watched this very situation unfold on many occasions.  I also know I am generalising and in both sexes there are those who do not fit the stereotype I am describing here.

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